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Summer News

CHINOISES is happy to share with you a plate collection designed by Brazilian artist Filipe Jardim.

Filipe Jardim is a well-known Brazilian artist and illustrator, currently living in France. He is famous for his tropical style paintings. He has worked with luxury brands such as Hermes & LV before. He is also a fan of CHINOISES.

He works with Hermes for scarves patterns, beach towel and menswear pattern. He also loves surfing and has traveled a lot around the world to surf and draw inspiration from there for his drawing and art works.

Filipe designed a set of 4 southern Chinese landscape paintings. He is very good at landscape and nature painting.

Also he has worked for LV for a long time and his famous works include "Rio de Janeiro Carnet de Voyage".

CHINOISES x Filipe Jardim Plate Collaboration

The plates set comes in a cardboard box

Filipe Jardim

At the same time, CHINOISES also cooperated with "Fang Fang Education" to launch a Miao embroidered leather bracelet. The purpose is to help more minority children get more educational resources. 15% of the sales proceeds of this bracelet will be donated to Fang Fang Education.

The "FangFang Education" project originated in 1990 from the passion of its founder, Françoise Grenot-Wang (FangFang), for the culture of the Miao, Dong and Yao ethnic Chinese minorities of Guangxi. Its initial objective was to make this culture known and to encourage its preservation. In 1998, the association focused on helping children go to school, with priority given to young girls, who were historically disadvantaged.

Since then, a sponsorship system has allowed, thanks to the action of a network of volunteers in France and in China, helping the schooling of nearly 12,000 children and building or renovating many schools around the small town of Danian.

CHINOISES is very happy to start this latest charity project with Fang Fang Education. CHINOISES has worked closely with the craftsmen to let them embroider some traditional patterns of their costume on black lambskin that we provided, to make this cuff. That is the mix of traditional craft with Parisian style.

Last but not least, we will share with your our new product, novelties for summer: the silk top and the silk vest, ideal to wear for the beach and to make your look more elegant when it is really hot.

Don't forget to follow us on our social media accounts, and enjoy summer times!

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