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A Spring Rendezvous

Spring is here! CHINOISES brings you lively energy

with inspirations

from the movie 《Marie Antoinette》 by Sofia Coppola.

Taking elements from the gardens of Versailles, we bring floral prints to the bomber jacket. A statement piece for your wardrobe.

We paired this jacket with our new lambskin coated silver bracelet design.


Get in touch with your romantic side with this season’s Renaissance inspired floral prints. Our long thin regal style robe will make you feel like royalty.

Pairing with a simple “Kate Moss” T-shirt, you can create this effortless look. In addition, our new silver necklace with white jeans to make it even more modern.

For inspiration of the collection it is Chinese brocade but also 18th century/ Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola with flowers pattern, pastel colors and and men’s frock coat. The idea is that we can make them rock with those bomber or coat shapes worn with flat boots, tee shirt and jeans.


CHINOISES is proud to attend the recent 50x50 New Born Exhibition hosted by Fashion Zoo. We created a special cover image for this event.

We created a special collage titled “from Paris to Shanghai” for the exhibition in TaiKoo Hui.

"China has given me a wealth of inspiration: phoenix, dragon, peony... and gorgeous silk, all have brought me a Western girl a great imagination. I used the retro brocade patterns of Shanghai and Hong Kong. Drawn from Shanghai’s Art Deco style. There are also exquisite handicrafts from the Miao nationality in China, many of which are about to be lost. I selected my grandmother’s picture in Cannes during the 1930s on the cover. On the photo, she was 15 years old at the time, wearing this traditional Chinese style hat. My grandmother gave me a lot of inspiration. Her beauty, her style and the happiness on her face are all important to me. That’s why she's part of my collage."

-----Felicie, founder and creative director of CHINOISES

Our silk jacket paired an orange Hermes silk scarf is a perfect outfit reflecting the French elegance.

Here're the novelties with pastel color, and don't forget to follow us on our social media accounts, and join us on this romantic spring adventure.

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