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CHINOISES' Collaboration with Filipe Jardim

CHINOISES is happy to share with you a plate collection designed by Brazilian artist Filipe Jardim.

Filipe Jardim is a well-known Brazilian artist and illustrator, currently living in France. He is famous for his tropical style paintings. He has worked with luxury brands such as Hermes & LV before. He is also a fan of CHINOISES.

He works with Hermes for scarves patterns, beach towel and menswear pattern. He also loves surfing and has traveled a lot around the world to surf and draw inspiration from there for his drawing and art works.

Filipe designed a set of 4 southern Chinese landscape paintings. He is very good at landscape and nature painting.

Also he has worked for LV for a long time and his famous works include "Rio de Janeiro Carnet de Voyage".

CHINOISES x Filipe Jardim Plate Collaboration

The plates set comes in a cardboard box

Filipe Jardim

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