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Couleurs de Chine


The Colors of China association  was born in 1990 from the passion of its founder, Françoise Grenot-Wang (FangFang), for the culture of the Chinese ethnic minorities Miao, Dong and Yao of the province of Guangxi. Its initial objective was to make this culture known and to promote its preservation. In 1998, the association turned to help with schooling for children, primarily young girls, who are traditionally underprivileged. A sponsorship system has since made it possible, thanks to the action of a network of volunteers in France and China, to help the schooling of nearly 12,000 children and to build or renovate many schools around small children. Danian town. Today, nearly 900 sponsors and patrons, in more than thirty countries, sponsor more than 2,500 schoolgirls and students. Since 2020, in order to comply with the legislation in force, a partnership has been established with the Chinese association SOCF, the only one now authorized to collect donations and sponsorships in China. /

A CHINESE & Couleurs de Chine collaboration: The Couleurs cuff 

The Chinese Dong minority is known for its colorful embroidery, a traditional craft that has existed for more than 2,000 years and is still very present in the daily life of women in the villages of Guanxi.  Mountains, rivers, trees, flowers, animals ... the patterns are varied.

CHINESE and Couleurs de Chine are pleased to present their first collaboration: Inspired by the rich cultural diversity of China, CHINESE likes to revisit its treasures and its know-how in contemporary objects and at the same time, thanks to this collaboration, to contribute to the schooling of young Chinese from Guanxi. With its unique Parisian style, it was obvious to create a cuff in supple black lambskin, adorned with genuine Dong embroidery handmade in silk thread and sold in part for the benefit of Couleurs de Chine.

Price: 50 Euros

15% of the price is directly donated to the benefit of the association.

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