L'Inconstante Jaune

L'Inconstante Jaune


Reversible jacket in Denim and Brocade.

100% Cotton (denim) and Polyester (brocade).

Proudly made in China.


Available in Small, Medium, Large.


Small (36):

Arm Length: 59cm (5.5cm cuff included)

Shoulder Width: 38cm

Chest length: 65.5cm


Medium (38-40):

Arm Length: 63cm (5.5cm cuff included)

Shoulder Width: 40.5cm

Chest length: 68cm


Its history:

The Chinese jacket ("tangzhuang" in Chinese) is an adaptation of the dark blue jacket originally worn by Manchu horseriders in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), which later became a mandatory costume at Chinese festivals and wedding ceremonies. Typically made of colorful silk brocade and decorated with patterns such as nature elements or mythical animals. It combines ts mandarin collar and handmade knotted buttons.