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Miao bracelet in copper and electric blue leather

Miao bracelet in copper and electric blue leather

VAT Included

Bracelet handmade by the Miao minorities (Guizhou, China) wrapped in electric blue leather hand-sewn. 100% white copper. The "CHINESE touch": leather inserts (100% lamb). Proudly made in China. Unique size. Internal diameter: 5.6-5.8cm Sold individually. Must not be put in water. Over time, may turn slightly yellow. Can be cleaned with a liquid dedicated to cleaning copper objects.

Its history: The Miao people are one of the largest ethnic minorities in China living in tight-knit communities in Guizhou province. Handmade silver jewelry is a well-known craft of this people, traditionally made by men. In addition to being a cultural tradition indicating belonging to a clan, these jewels represent the wealth of young women before they get married. Originally in silver, today they are made from white copper to make them lighter and more affordable.

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